Friday, June 26, 2009

5 steps to learn how to burn any video to DVD with Wondershare Video to DVD Burner

With Wondershare Video to DVD Burner it takes five simple steps to organize video files to slideshows and burn them to DVD.

Step 1: Organize your slideshow
Click the 'Load file' button to load the video files you want to burn. Then drag & drop the loaded files from the Collections pane to the slideshow storyboard to start organize your slideshow. You can sort the order of the video files in a slideshow by drag them in the storyboard. Click the Add Slideshow button (the first button from the left above the storyboard).

Step 2: Apply Effects
Click the Effect tab and you will see all the available transitions in the Effect pane, to apply a transition, you can just drag and drop it to into the slideshow storyboard.

Step 3: Customize DVD menu
Click the Menu tab to customize your DVD menu. There are different styles of built-in templates, frames and buttons for your choice. To apply a template, frame or button, you can just double click it. You can even add text, background music and background image to customize the menu.

Step 4 Preview your video slideshow(s)
Click the Preview tab to preview your slideshow project by click the preview control buttons. This step is to help you decide if everything is what you have expected. If not, you can go back to any of the previous steps to make changes to your project.

Step 5 Start Burning
After you finish the four steps above, click the Burn tab to prepare for burning your project. If you want o burn your project directly to the DVD disc you have inserted in your DVD-ROM, you can just select "DVD" in the "Burn to" field, specify a temp folder (used to save the generated temporary files), select your DVD drive and burning program (either built-in or your own burning application), select, select your TV Standard and output aspect ration, and click Start to burn your project. If you just want to create DVD files or an ISO file for the current project, you can just select the "DVD Folder" or "ISO file" option, specify a folder to save them, and click Start to generate DVD files or ISO onto your computer.

Video* - Audio Video Interleaved - A multimedia file format for storing sound and moving pictures in RIFF format developed by Microsoft. An Video file can use different codecs and formats so there is no set format for an Video file unlike for example standard VCD video which sets a standard for resolution, bitrates, and codecs used.

DVD* - DVD stands for Digital Video Disc. A standard VCD records video data in MPEG-1format. On the other hand, a standard DVD records video data in MPEG-2 format. A DVD player or a computer equipped with a DVD drive is required to play DVDs. Almost all DVD players also play VCDs.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to burn any video to DVD with high quality

I experienced how to burn video to DVD without any losses. Here I share it with you all with my pleasure.

The article will refer to Pioneer/Plaxtor DVD Burner, DVD Disc, Wondershare Video to DVD Burner - a DVD burning software.

What should be done to achieve high quality DVD?

1. Choose a burner

There are many burners in the market, how to choose the best burner is an important thing. Of course, it refers to the desktop users. Generally, most people choose Plextor or Pioneer, which are both Japanese brands. They have high quality, of course they are more expensive. Compared with these two brands, Plextor is more suitable for professional authoring manufacturers, Pioneer is more suitable for personal users. Now the pop models are Pioneer DVR-117CH/Sonic AD-7200A/LG GH22LS30 and PX-750A.Please remember capacity and price is one aspect, durable is also a reference point.

2. Choose a DVD Disc

DVD Disc is very important. The quality of DVD Disc not only affects the DVD Burner's life-span, but also affects the DVD Video's quality, sometimes even occur waste DVD Disc. So you must choose the high quality DVD Disc which is compatible to DVD Burner. You should also keep the DVD Disc by correct ways. Either high quality DVD Disc or low quality DVD Disc, everyone can not say how long the data will exist. Making a backup every one or two years is propositional.

Note: Post on a layer of protection mode is better, and do not expose DVD Disc under sunlight.

3. Choose a DVD Burner software

This is a very key step on burning high quality DVD. Some software will crash when authoring, which makes one mad. Wondershare Video to DVD Burner is recommended. I choose this software as it includes these 3 key features:

Firstly, Burn all pop video files: including AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, DAT, MOV, FLV, MKV, M2TS, TP, etc. to DVD Disc.Secondly, High compatibility: Burners supported: Pioneer, Plextor, Samsung, ASUS, LG, Philip, Sony, Benq, OVK, etc.; Disc supported: DVD–5 and DVD–9; DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-RAM.Thirdly, Powerful video editing function: Supports movie trimming, cropping and effect adjustment. Allows you to set brightness, contrast, saturation and choose the suitable resolution.

Tips when burning

Firstly, Before burning you should choose the video quality options. The highest video quality option is best. But this option means longer time for authoring and more capacity to occupy. To obtain high video quality it is worthy.Secondly, In order to occupy less capacity, you'd better cut the intro/credit of the videos.

Follow the tutorial to learn how to use it. Hope it helpful to you.