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Enjoy MKV Movie on TV or DVD Player

Some people may wonder how to convert MKV to DVD so as to enjoy HD MKV movies on DVD players. They even tend to use a video converter to converter MKV to AVI, then burn AVI to DVD disc. Actually, the conversion is completely needless if you have a powerful DVD Creator which supports converting MKV to DVD.

Wondershare Video to DVD Burner is such an app to convert MKV to DVD for you to watch HD MKV movies on DVD players. What's more, you can easily edit MKV movies, combine several MKV files together to a MKV video slideshow with customizable menu and transitions.

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Free Download MKV to DVD Converter
Convert MKV to DVD 1: Add MKV files

Click "Load Video" to browse your computer and find the MKV movies, then add MKV movies from your hard drive to the program. Then they will appear in the collections pane.
Convert MKV Movie to DVD

Convert MKV to DVD 2: Convert MKV to DVD directly

If you don't want to add any special effect, of course you can convert MKV to DVD directly. Just select the MKV movie in the collections pane, click "Burn" tab, a window will pop up for you to set the output target(you can convert MKV to DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO), aspect ratio, etc.

Convert MKV Movie to DVD

But if you want to convert multiple MKV movies or videos together to one DVD disc, making a slideshow would be a good choice for you!

Convert MKV to DVD 3: Combine multiple MKV movies to a slideshow

Drag and drop MKV movies from the collections pane to storyboard to start organizing a slideshow.

Convert MKV Movie to DVD
Order: You can sort the order of the MKV movies in the storyboard by dragging and dropping.

Add a slide: right click mouse and select the first option "Add Slideshow" to add a slide. Then you can add MKV movies to this slide. There are two other options: "Remove Slideshow" and "Play Slideshow", just do as you like.

Edit a video: select a MKV movie in the storyboard, right click mouse, and you will see three options: "Edit", "Remove", and "Clear All". Just select "Edit" to edit video effects.

Convert MKV to DVD 4: Transition

Click "Transition" and you will see all the available transition effects in the transition pane. A simple click could help you to display the transition effect in the right window. Just drag and drop the transition effect you want to apply to the middle of two MKV movies in the slideshow storyboard.

Convert MKV Movie to DVD

Convert MKV to DVD 5: Menu

Click "Menu" to customize your DVD menu. There are different styles of built-in templates, frames and buttons for your choice. To apply a template, frame or button, you can just double click it.

You can even add text, background music and background image to customize the menu.

Convert MKV Movie to DVD

Convert MKV to DVD 6: Preview and Burn

Preview: click "Preview" to preview your slideshow. This step is to help you decide if everything is what you have expected. If not, you can go back to any of the previous steps to make changes to your project.

Burn: this step is the same as the second step. Go back to Step 2.

TV Standard: "NTSC" is 30 fps, which is used in USA, Canada and Japan; "PAL" is 25fps, which is used in Europe and Asia.

Tips: The used disc space is shown on the disc space bar underneath the storyboard; You can select the size of burning DVD between "DVD-R4.5G" and "DVD-R9.0G"; The output quality is also up to your choice, you may select "Low video quality", "High video quality" or "Highest video quality".

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